Multimillonarios impulsando las criptomonedas: la tercera persona más rica de México cambia la biografía de Twitter para incluir Bitcoin

Elon Musk continúa bombeando DOGE mientras Ricardo Salinas Pliego se apega a Bitcoin.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, presidente del conglomerado Grupo Salinas y la tercera persona más rica de México, está conectando Bitcoin en las redes sociales

El multimillonario con un estimado valor neto de más de $ 13 mil millones al enero cambió su biografía de Twitter durante el fin de incluir el Bitcoin ( BTC hashtag). Los usuarios de Crypto Twitter y algunos de los más de 840.000 seguidores de Salinas informaron haber notado el cambio el sábado aproximadamente cuando el precio del criptoactivo subió a más de $ 40.000 por primera vez en 23 días.

Hablando con Cointelegraph en diciembre, Salinas reveló que primero compró Bitcoin a $ 200 en 2013, y luego vendió durante la carrera alcista de 2017 cuando el precio alcanzó los $ 17,000. Describió el activo criptográfico como su „mejor inversión“.

En noviembre, Salinas dijo que el 10% de su „cartera líquida“ está invertido en BTC, y el resto „en mineros de metales preciosos“

El multimillonario de 65 años compró la entrada antes de que el precio de Bitcoin subiera a nuevos máximos históricos en diciembre y enero, más del doble de su inversión. Ha dicho que no planea vender ninguna tenencia de criptomonedas durante al menos cinco años.

Salinas no es el único multimillonario que usa las redes sociales para impulsar las criptomonedas recientemente. Hoy, el CEO de SpaceX, Elon Musk, continuó impulsando la criptomoneda Dogecoin ( DOGE ). Musk se ha dirigido a los usuarios de DOGE en las últimas semanas, ya que el token se enredó en un esfuerzo de bombeo y descarga por parte de los comerciantes e inversores de Reddit. El precio de DOGE ha subido casi un 600% en los últimos 30 días.

President Joe Biden and cryptomonneries

President Joe Biden and cryptomonneries: what you need to know

  • Joseph Biden became president on Wednesday 20 January.
  • It is believed that his administration will be more pro-crypto than the previous one.
  • The top financial officers in his cabinet and congress have real blockbuster experience.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of media Bitcoin Up organisations based on transparency standards.

President Biden took office on Wednesday 20 January. What does his inauguration mean for the cryptomoney industry? Will his administration be in favour of the blockade?

Stress and relief

Joe Biden’s inauguration today was greeted with fanfare and nervousness. After the invasion of the Capitol in Washington on January 6, there was some tension in the air. Eugene Goodman, a Capitol Police officer who single-handedly calmly kept an angry band at bay, was present.

At the same time, some of the participants in the inauguration expressed their relief when Joe Biden was sworn in (e.g. singing, in the case of Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez).

In what way will the Biden Administration be different?
– Erik Voorhees (@ErikVoorhees) January 20, 2021

US Vice President Mike Pence was also present at the inauguration, but former President Donald Trump was notably absent. The outgoing president was also widely regarded as anti-cryptomonic. That said, the Biden administration could be warmer towards cryptomoney.

Biden’s words

President Biden’s speech was addressed to a divided country. Among other things, he called on Americans to unite as a nation to end terrorism, racism and the demonization of American ideas.

He also asked them to put politics aside and support each other. The facts, he said, should inform legislators first and foremost. Last but not least, he asked Americans to be open to new ideas and to listen to each other.

The President did not make specific comments on economic policy, but his term of office could also be open to new ideas such as crypto. Some key members of his new administration were in favour of a blockbuster future.

A crypto cabinet

The new SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, knows more than a little about blockchain technology. In particular, he has taught blockchain at MIT. Gensler has said several positive things about crypto, including calling Bitcoin a „modern version of gold.“

Despite some reservations, Janet Yellen, the new US Treasury Secretary, has shown interest in crypto, according to Forbes. During her confirmation hearing on 19 January 2021, Yellen was questioned about cryptomoney.

Although she did not make any specific promises, there have been several recent developments in the fight against crypto-crime. Stopping the use of cryptomoney for criminal activities seems to be a major concern for her, not the rise of digital currencies themselves.

Although he is unlikely to hold this position for very long, Currency Controller Brian P. Brook is very enthusiastic about crypto. He even imagines a future in which DeFi is a major player. His firm has also officially stated that the stablecoins can be used to settle account balances in federal banks.

Der er mere i Bitcoin Options historie!

Markedet for kryptoderivater var stort set vellykket i 2020. Mens Bitcoin Futures har været i rampelyset meget på grund af CMEs vækst, stjal Bitcoin Options showet med dets ensartede løbetur i løbet af 2020. Imidlertid går dets forstørrelse ud over det normale interesse hos handlende, hvor andre faktorer også spiller en vigtig rolle i processen.

Ifølge Deribits seneste institutionelle nyhedsbrev var den samlede nominelle omsætning i 2020 $ 211 mia. Og samlede alle kontrakter og mønter. Bitcoin Optionsomsætningen var tæt på $ 180 – $ 190 milliarder. Det registrerede en stigning på 82% fra 2019, et fund, der demonstrerede stigningen fra år til år i sektoren.

The last quarter of the year was particularly special as the bull run assisted in extremely high trading activity. Now, on paper, it may seem flawless, but 2020 was much more than that.

The Bitcoin Pro market wouldn’t have recorded such high interest and volume if certain things had not gone its way in the market.

Bitcoin Price, Recovery, and Data Advantage

When the attached chart is observed, we can see that Q2 of 2020 wasn’t as impressive as the rest of the quarters. It was on par with the lowest quarter of 2019 and it was all due to the market crash in March. Now, even though Q2 of 2020 was tepid from the perspective of the derivatives market, the price gained bullish momentum in this 3-month period, momentum that set the wheels in motion for the rest of the year.

Bitcoin gendannede hurtigt, og efter sin 3. halvering steg BTC igen til 5-cifret værdi på $ 10.000. Q3 2020 hentede noget af sin damp, og derefter lagde Q4 det bedste kvartal i Bitcoin Options markedshistorie.

Selvom prisen på Bitcoin gjorde noget i derivatindustrien, er en anden fordel ved Options over Futures tilgængeligheden af ​​ekstra data. Valgmuligheder giver mulighed for at udnytte den kollektive stemning ved hjælp af Implied Volatility.

Underforstået volatilitet for optioner på Bitcoin- markeder har et U-formet mønster eller “volatilitetssmil” skævt. Det indikerer, at optionernes volatilitet forbedres, når optionen bliver meget i pengene eller ud af pengene. Et sådant datasæt giver handlende mulighed for at estimere markedets kollektive stemning, hvad enten det er bullish eller bearish.

Ethereum Options holdt fortet, da Bitcoin var nede

Selvom det udelukkende er baseret på spekulation, er det ubestrideligt, at ETH Options holdt de handlende på markedet, når Bitcoin ikke kunne generere massiv prisbevægelse, og i forlængelse heraf Aktivitetsaktivitet. Under Ethereums rally i august overgik faktisk ETH Options-kontraktvolumener Bitcoins, da verdens største altcoin tiltrak bedre resultater.

Det hele gik dog til sidst, da disse handlende forblev i rummet, da Bitcoin registrerede sin næste etape op på markedet.

Bitcoin price breaks over $ 23,000: On-chain analyst thinks $ 55,000 is possible

The Bitcoin price has climbed the last major hurdle and is now making $ 100,000 possible, according to on-chain data.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) price has overcome the resistance between $ 21,000 and $ 22,000, rising to over $ 23,000 on December 17 . On-chain analyst Willy Woo said $ 100,000 is now a „ridiculously low“ target.

The $ 21,000 level was particularly important for Bitcoin Bank to continue its rally in the short term. The exchanges‘ heatmaps showed a stack of sell orders between approximately $ 21,000 and $ 21,500. This means that BTC price had to break this area in order to maintain another uptrend.

The Bitcoin Top Cap Model now says that $ 100,000 is a conservative target

The exchange’s heatmaps show no visible resistance levels and areas with large sell orders above $ 22,000. In the short term, that means there is a good chance that BTC will continue its rally.

Woo said the BTC top cap model shows that $ 100,000 is a „ridiculously low target“ due to bullish market sentiment and the crisis on the sales side. He explained :

„We’re not yet at the point where the BTC top cap model is gradually bulging upwards. Let’s see how high it goes in 2021. $ 100,000 is a ridiculously low target with current developments. $ 55,000 -Dollar is the next milestone -> Bitcoin will be a macro-wealth container valued at $ 1 trillion. “
Woo emphasized that $ 55,000 is a milestone for Bitcoin because it would mean that BTC would have reached 10 percent of gold’s market cap.

Currently, the total gold market value is around 9 trillion. US dollars valued. Above $ 50,000, Bitcoin would gradually eat up a relatively large chunk of the market capitalization of gold, which remains the dominant safe haven.

Bitcoin order book and heat map

The order books of the exchanges and the development of the volume also show that the traders have placed their sell orders further up. They expect Bitcoin to rise to $ 30,000 after breaking the $ 20,000 mark yesterday .

If the momentum in futures , options and spot markets hold up in the coming days, it is very likely that $ 30,000 will become the first local spike for BTC.

Data from the options markets show: Institutions remain bullish

Institutional funds remain bullish on Bitcoin, according to Deribit Insights, the research arm of the largest cryptocurrency options exchange.

In the options market, call options represent buy orders and put options represent sell orders. So if the buyers of call spreads increase, it shows that a bigger Bitcoin rally is expected.

Deribit Insights said the exchange has been watching large buyers of call spreads. That indicates a bullish bias. They said :

Institutional funds seem to remain bullish. Large buyers of call spreads (20,000-24,000 popular, pre-20,000 breakthrough). Today January and February calls for 22,000 both bought x250. January calls for 30,000 bought x500. Some calls post gains, others hold positions from January and February. ATM 19,500 – 20,000 puts sold – bullish. „

Wird die zunehmende DeFi-Annahme Bitcoin dazu veranlassen, sein festes Volumen von 21 Millionen Euro neu zu kalibrieren?

  • Die DeFi-Adoption hat in diesem Jahr mehrfach zugenommen
  • Zentralisierte Finanzfragen mit Regulierungen und Sicherheit treiben das Adoptionswachstum

Das Dezentralisierte Finanzwesen (DeFi) hat in diesem Jahr einen massiven Anstieg seiner Nutzung und Annahme erlebt. Verschiedene DeFi-Protokolle haben bei den verschiedenen Innovationen, die die Funktionsweise von Blockkettennetzwerken völlig verändert haben, eine wichtige Rolle gespielt.

Es ist zwar nicht mehr neu, dass DeFi-Anwendungen und -Protokolle auf Ethereum aufbauen; das zweitbeliebteste Kryptogerät konnte jedoch in die On-Chain-Transfers von Bitcoin einbrechen. Der Grund dafür ist, dass das Netzwerk Investoren angezogen hat, die sich bisher auf Bitcoin konzentriert haben, um sich die verschiedenen Funktionen anzusehen.

Aus diesem Grund ist die DeFi-Annahme in diesem Jahr auf ein Allzeithoch angestiegen.

In den vergangenen Jahren waren die Bitcoin-Minenarbeiter zuversichtlich, durch die von der Plattform generierten Transaktionsgebühren zu verdienen. Dies erscheint jedoch in letzter Zeit aufgrund der zunehmenden Schwierigkeiten, Blockbelohnungen zu verdienen, düster.

Die derzeitige Annahme des DeFi hat eine massive Verlagerung weg von zentralisierten Finanzsystemen eingeleitet. Die Nutzer haben dezentralisierte Plattformen angenommen, und dies lässt sich am verbesserten Handelsvolumen ablesen. Im vergangenen Jahr betrug das Handelsvolumen 1%, aber gegenwärtig ist es auf 10% gestiegen.

Und auch bei MetaMask stieg die Zahl der Benutzer auf über eine Million.

Trotz Kinderkrankheiten hat die DeFi-Annahme zugenommen

Trotz Themen wie teure Gasgebühren, Netzengpässe und andere Probleme hat die Annahme von DeFi in diesem Jahr zugenommen.

Dies ist auf die ständigen Probleme zurückzuführen, mit denen die Nutzer mit CeFi konfrontiert sind. Die Nutzer sehen sich den Herausforderungen von Regulierungen und verschiedenen Sicherheitsproblemen gegenüber.

Dementsprechend gingen um März dieses Jahres die Transaktionen in zentralisierten Börsen zurück, während es einen Anstieg der neu registrierten Ether-Brieftaschen gab.

Um es einfach auszudrücken: Eth hat die Funktionsweise des Krypto-Austauschs verändert. Viele von ihnen sind bestrebt, verschiedene DeFi-Produkte zu nutzen, da die Benutzer nun ihre Vermögenswerte in Verwahrung halten und damit handeln.

PT MEP questions PIX’s privacy

One survey pointed out that the population is even familiar with the new Central Bank system, but there is still a lot of difficulty in making use of it.

A member of the Workers‘ Party (PT) questioned the privacy of PIX, the Central Bank’s new system of instant payments. The questioning came after the results of a survey on the subject.

With the final arrival of PIX on 16 November, Brazilians learned about the novelty. Promoted a few months ago by the Central Bank of Brazil, PIX would be an innovation to suffocate cryptomites in the country.

PIX could also replace TED and DOC, former bank transfer systems. With lower fees and uninterrupted operation, seven days a week, PIX is still the target of suspicion.

One of these is transaction privacy, a serious issue especially in LGPD times.

After a survey, a PT deputy in Ceará questions PIX’s privacy

With one week of operation, the Central Bank of Brazil is expected to release the PIX balance sheet this Tuesday (24). It is expected that data on the functioning of the system and transactions will be presented to the population.

The system, which is still free for some transactions, allows transfers between banks at any time. With the novelty, PIX also receives attention from some critics of the novelty.

For the State Representative of Ceará for the PT, Acrísio Sena, PIX is still nebulous for the population. With the whole world going through a crisis in the economy and health, it is normal to have a fear of adhering to the new payment technology.

However, everything could be worse with possible government interventions in PIX, he said. According to the Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará, Acrísio hopes that the Bitcoin Union will be clear with PIX information. Privacy was one of the parliamentarian’s concerns.

„What is the government’s control over these transactions? What is the level of oversight? What about people’s privacy? Will transactions via Pix be taxed? If so, in what percentage? There are several doubts that arise, aggravated by the total inoperativeness of the team that today occupies the Ministry of Finance,“ said the deputy.

Regarding the taxation of PIX, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, has spoken on the subject. In public appearances, Guedes makes it clear that the PIX should be taxed, but there are still no definitions on the matter.

Research shows that most Brazilians still do not know how to use PIX

In a survey commissioned by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará, it is clear that PIX is still a mystery to many. Some 66.7% of respondents made it clear that they had heard about PIX, but did not know how to use it.

The other 33.3% said they know and already use PIX in their transactions. In the survey, none of the respondents said they did not know PIX, another as it caught their attention.

In any case, for an economist heard by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará, it is up to the banks and the Central Bank to demystify the system. In other words, clearing up customer doubts and teaching how to use so-called private keys should be an ongoing process.

In a recent article by the Court of Auditors of MT, the author stated that „Cryptomoedas will have an advantage over Pix“. Still, Bacen struggles to make the national system win this dispute, even with issues such as privacy being increasingly highlighted.

ZK International datterselskab xSigma introducerer nyt Defi-projekt

PRESSEMEDDELELSE. xSigma Corporation, et helejet datterselskab af ZK International Group (NASDAQ: ZKIN), blev lanceret i 2018 som et blockchain-forsknings- og udviklingslaboratorium til løsning af infrastrukturudfordringer fra den virkelige verden. Efter to års intensiv forskning i smarte kontrakter og andre blockchain-baserede løsninger skiftede xSigma sit fokus til decentral finansiering eller defi i et forsøg på at bringe ubegrænset open source-finansiering til enkeltpersoner og virksomheder over hele verden.

XSigmas decentraliserede finansiering er kommet på et passende tidspunkt i markedets udvikling. Selvom defi sprang ud på scenen i 2020, blev det hurtigt det hurtigst voksende segment af blockchain-industrien. På trods af denne enorme vækst er defi ikke uden problemer. Brugere af disse protokoller har klaget over en fejlbehæftet brugeroplevelse, permanent tab, prisfejl og smart kontrakt sårbarhed. Disse utallige problemer har kastet defi i et negativt lys blandt almindelige institutionelle investorer.

XSigma defi-protokollen er designet til at løse de utallige problemer, der plager markedet i dag. Som det første defi-projekt, der understøttes af et børsnoteret selskab, er xSigma bygget til at fange den sande værdi af decentraliseret finansiering. XSigmas første forretningsorden vil være at lancere en decentral stablecoin-udveksling, der tilbyder fair landbrugsvilkår for likviditetsudbydere og en intuitiv brugeroplevelse for handlende.

Stablecoins er opstået som et af de største markeder i kryptovalutaindustrien og giver investorer øjeblikkelig likviditet, prisstabilitet og indløsningsevne. I november 2020 var den samlede markedsværdi af alle stablecoins over $ 24 mia. Hundreder af millioner stablecoins udveksles hver dag – et tal, der forventes at stige støt, når vi går ind i den næste fase af global adoption.

På trods af de iboende fordele, som stablecoins tilbyder, er valutamarkedet domineret af nogle få store spillere. Curves dominerende position har gjort det muligt for den at komme væk med at tilbyde en dårlig brugeroplevelse, uigennemsigtig tokenfordeling og komplekse styrings- og landbrugssystemer.

xSigma bygger en stablecoin-udveksling fra brugersiden, ikke udviklersiden. Gennem sine gennemprøvede teknologier prioriterer xSigma-platformen brugeroplevelsen ved at tilbyde en forenklet grænseflade, der appellerer til både kryptoveteraner og nye forhandlere. XSigmas team implementerer nye innovationer på stablecoin-udvekslingsmarkedet, herunder en moderniseret belønningsstruktur. Platformen vil brænde SIG-tokens med valutagebyrer, hvilket effektivt skubber efterspørgslen efter styringstoken, mens den også begrænser udbuddet på samme måde som Bitcoins 21 millioner-enhed hard cap.

XSigma vil nå disse mål gennem dedikationen af ​​sit prisvindende og meget velrenommerede team. Holdet er samlet for ikke kun at levere et avanceret projekt, men for at bringe et nyt niveau af legitimitet og gennemsigtighed til defi-økosystemet.

XSigma-teamet ledes af Alex Lebed, en softwaretekniker, der tidligere var Facebook, Amazon og 1Inch. Alex er også grundlæggeren af ​​ og prisvinderen af ​​ethNY (priser fra Binance labs, Wyre, Matic), ethBoston og ethDenver hackathons.

Han får hjælp af Kamal Obbad, en kandidat fra Harvard og tidligere Google-ingeniør, der blev vist i Forbes 30 under 30 inden for sundhedsvæsenet.

Daniel Garay er en xSigma-projektleder, der tidligere arbejdede hos Ripple og Google.

Den snart lancerede xSigma stablecoin-udveksling vil bringe et nyt niveau af gennemsigtighed, ansvarlighed og brugeroplevelse til defi-branchen. Projektets dedikerede team af ingeniører, softwareudviklere og projektledere er forpligtet til at levere projektet i løbet af de næste tre år. I mellemtiden kan du fortsætte med at forvente store opdateringer om udviklingen af ​​xSigma DeFi.

Om ZK International Group Co., Ltd.

ZK International Group Co., Ltd. er en Kina-baseret designer, ingeniør, producent og leverandør af patenterede højtydende rørprodukter af rustfrit stål og kulstofstål, der kræver sofistikerede vand- eller gasrørsystemer. Virksomheden ejer 33 patenter, 21 varemærker, 2 Technical Achievement Awards og 10 National og Industry Standard Awards. ZK International er kvalitetsstyringssystemcertificeret (ISO9001), miljøledelsessystemcertificeret (ISO1401) og en national industriproduktionstilladelse i rustfrit stål, der er fokuseret på at levere stålrør til de mange milliarder dollar industrier inden for gas og vand sektorer. ZK har leveret rustfri stålrørledninger til over 2.000 projekter, herunder Beijing National Airport, „Water Cube“ og „Bird’s Nest“, som var spillesteder for OL i Beijing 2008. Understreger ZK Internationals overlegne egenskaber og holdbarhed af stålrør, og leverer en løsning til levering af højkvalitets, meget bæredygtigt, miljøvenligt drikkevand, ikke kun til det kinesiske marked, men også til internationale markeder som Europa, Østasien og Sydøst Asien.

Crypto Weekly # 124 – Cryptocurrency news of the week

News regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is in constant turmoil. It can happen that important information gets lost in the daily news flow and you miss important points.

This format is there to remedy that. We come back to the news of the past week in the Crypto Weekly to keep you informed on the current situation of cryptocurrencies.

For this week’s must-see, we’ll come back to Slashing , the bad validator penalty mechanism on Ethereum 2.0 .

Ethereum 2.0 et Proof of Stake

We were talking about it recently, Ethereum 2.0 is an update split into 3 phases. The first, called phase 0, will allow the launch of the beacon chain.

Bitcoin marks the transition from a consensus model based on Proof of Work, to a model called Proof of Stake.

The Proof of Stake is intended to consume less energy. Thus in this system, validators must sequester a defined amount of cryptocurrency to be able to participate in the process. This sum placed in escrow serves as proof of stake. It allows to prove the benevolence of a validator.

In the case of Ethereum, a validator must escrow at least 32 ETH to participate in block validation.

However, escrow is not sufficient to ensure the honesty of a validator and does not ensure network performance. This is why Bitcoin Revolution has introduced penalties as well as slashing to penalize malicious validators .

Penalties and slashing

A validator may be subject to penalties if he fails to fulfill his role as validator. Thus, penalties only affect minor errors and which impact is not critical for the network.

Ethereum 2.0’s consensus system follows a series of rules. Slashing aims to punish validators who do not respect these rules. These breaches are considered more serious and therefore more heavily penalized.

Do not hesitate to consult the entire article for more details on the so-called penalties: Slashing: the risks behind staking on Ethereum 2.0 .

Black Friday: 88% off the PureVPN offer, it’s now!

Internet and personal data: this is a central subject, which PureVPN, one of the undisputed leaders of the eponymous industry, has seized upon. For all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the principle of anonymity is a fundamental notion, whether it boils down to the monetary aspect or the freedom of individuals on the web. Today, it is an insane offer that is offered to you by our partner of the moment.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Bitcoin Code.

PureVPN, between anonymity and quality of service

It is very easy for a malicious actor to follow an individual on the Internet . Its multiple movements leave an indelible mark thanks to the potential tracing of its IP address. This threat can be avoided today, thanks to VPN software, which also has many other advantages.

In the VPN industry, one player stands out for his seriousness . This is PureVPN, a benchmark in this growing ecosystem.

Based on a high performance network , PureVPN offers a rotation ranging from 2000 to 6500 physical servers located in more than 140 countries. Having been voted the best software in the sector 4 times , the company is regularly audited by the big 4, KPMG in the lead.

The multitude of servers offered by PureVPN provides access to a 10 Gigabit VPN network , guaranteeing maximum throughput and a disproportionate number of servers to ensure the fluidity of your connections.

Another major advantage, the subscription to PureVPN services, for example, allows access to international libraries of companies offering localized offers. You will therefore be able to access the US version of the Netflix site .

For the smartest among you, you may even take advantage of services at prices much more attractive than normal, by connecting through servers located in countries with less purchasing power. Plane tickets at discount prices , video games at discounts, a rain of new opportunities is offered to you .

PureVPN cuts prices by 88%

On the occasion of Black Friday, the PureVPN site is carrying out an exceptional promotion , in the form of an immediate 88% reduction on the price of its offer.

This gift is part of a subscription to its subscription formula over five years , lowering its price to € 1.18 per month instead of € 9.60. The total amount to pay is therefore € 71 instead of the usual € 576.

This offer is accompanied by the implementation of new functionalities and a new design for its application. The latter is available without distinction on Windows and Mac as well as on the Android and iOS mobile versions .

It is possible to follow the brand’s news live on social networks, thanks to the hashtags #AllNewPureVPN in English and #ToutNouveauPureVPN in French.

A mineradora canadense Bitfarms libera prejuízo no terceiro trimestre apesar do alto preço do Bitcoin

Os números do terceiro trimestre de 2020 da Bitfarms mostram perdas trimestre a trimestre e ano a ano.

O CAPEX e o evento de redução pela metade do Bitcoin tiveram efeitos negativos em sua lucratividade.

O trimestre terminou em 30 de setembro, pouco antes do aumento dramático do BTC

Quer saber mais? Junte-se ao nosso Grupo Telegram e obtenha sinais de negociação, um curso de negociação gratuito e comunicação diária com fãs de criptografia!

The Trust Project é um consórcio internacional de organizações de notícias que criam padrões de transparência.

A mineradora canadense Bitfarms divulgou os resultados financeiros do terceiro trimestre em 26 de novembro, mostrando prejuízo no período. EBIDTA foi uma perda de $ 0,3 milhão para o trimestre encerrado em 30 de setembro de 2020.

O lucro bruto e a margem da Bitfarms ficaram negativos em uma base ano a ano para o trimestre. No entanto, alguns resultados de nove meses ainda conseguiram melhorar em relação ao ano anterior.

A receita do terceiro trimestre de 2020 caiu 30% com relação ao ano anterior, de US $ 9,7 milhões para quase US $ 6,8 milhões. Em comparação com o segundo trimestre de 2020 , a receita caiu 7,7%. A margem bruta de mineração despencou com relação ao ano anterior no trimestre, de 67% para 26%.

Os números da margem bruta de mineração da empresa em nove meses foram um pouco melhores, com a margem caindo de 62% para 38%.

Porquês e Máquinas

A piora dos números, afirma a Bitfarms, foi em grande parte devido ao evento Bitcoin que reduziu pela metade em 11 de maio de 2020. Enquanto isso, o CAPEX cresceu como resultado de uma grande atualização que também foi projetada para cortar despesas operacionais.

Entre outras medidas, a Bitfarms está atualizando seu complemento de máquina de mineração em seus cinco locais de mineração em Quebec. Em um comunicado à imprensa em outubro , a empresa anunciou que havia concluído acordos de arrendamento de novas máquinas de mineração que seriam instaladas até o final de novembro.

Além disso, o comunicado trouxe insights sobre o funcionamento da empresa. A capacidade de hash cresceu 55%, ou 431 pentahashes (PH) ao longo dos nove meses de 2020.