Meet the Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020

We have good news for you today if you like cryptocommunity events. This time we are presenting the Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020, an event that has potential to be promising considering its allies. We say this because their main support comes from the world’s largest exchange, Binance.

Binance is beginning to replace traditional banking

The Indonesia Blockchain Week
The event will be held online, following the trend that we have been observing when considering the situation we are living. It will begin on August 18, with panels every day until August 27. In this way, for more than a week we will be able to enjoy the presentations prepared for us.

This year’s Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020 will focus on a theme that has been on the rise this year, influenced by Bitcoin Rush the situation. We are referring to the acclaimed Decentralized Finance, better known as the DeFi. Therefore, each panel will try to expose the power these platforms have.

DeFi and the financial system: integration and change

Special guests and panels
Taking up a point we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the main ally in this year’s edition is Binance, supporting the people of Tokocrypto in the organization of the event.

Therefore, as expected, the largest exchange in the world can get special and unique guests when considering their network. However, in our opinion, the panelist who attracts the most attention because of his experience and reputation, is Changpeng Zhao himself, the founder of Binance.

CZ will participate in the first webinar of the event, being the opening ceremony and an introduction to the DeFi and its Blockchain structure. So, if this topic interests you or you have any doubts, you can take advantage of his experience.

However, there are other honorable mentions, such as Justin Sun as the founder of TRON, Carylyne Chan as CEO of CoinMarketCap and Joselito Lizarondo as founder of Swipe.

If you want to know the complete agenda and the list of guests, you can check it in the official page of the event. In addition, you can take advantage and register.

Live it with us
As you can imagine, following the tradition of CriptoTendencia, we will be covering the event during the whole duration. Therefore, we invite you this August 18-27 to learn about the world of DeFi in the Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020.