PT MEP questions PIX’s privacy

One survey pointed out that the population is even familiar with the new Central Bank system, but there is still a lot of difficulty in making use of it.

A member of the Workers‘ Party (PT) questioned the privacy of PIX, the Central Bank’s new system of instant payments. The questioning came after the results of a survey on the subject.

With the final arrival of PIX on 16 November, Brazilians learned about the novelty. Promoted a few months ago by the Central Bank of Brazil, PIX would be an innovation to suffocate cryptomites in the country.

PIX could also replace TED and DOC, former bank transfer systems. With lower fees and uninterrupted operation, seven days a week, PIX is still the target of suspicion.

One of these is transaction privacy, a serious issue especially in LGPD times.

After a survey, a PT deputy in Ceará questions PIX’s privacy

With one week of operation, the Central Bank of Brazil is expected to release the PIX balance sheet this Tuesday (24). It is expected that data on the functioning of the system and transactions will be presented to the population.

The system, which is still free for some transactions, allows transfers between banks at any time. With the novelty, PIX also receives attention from some critics of the novelty.

For the State Representative of Ceará for the PT, Acrísio Sena, PIX is still nebulous for the population. With the whole world going through a crisis in the economy and health, it is normal to have a fear of adhering to the new payment technology.

However, everything could be worse with possible government interventions in PIX, he said. According to the Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará, Acrísio hopes that the Bitcoin Union will be clear with PIX information. Privacy was one of the parliamentarian’s concerns.

„What is the government’s control over these transactions? What is the level of oversight? What about people’s privacy? Will transactions via Pix be taxed? If so, in what percentage? There are several doubts that arise, aggravated by the total inoperativeness of the team that today occupies the Ministry of Finance,“ said the deputy.

Regarding the taxation of PIX, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, has spoken on the subject. In public appearances, Guedes makes it clear that the PIX should be taxed, but there are still no definitions on the matter.

Research shows that most Brazilians still do not know how to use PIX

In a survey commissioned by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará, it is clear that PIX is still a mystery to many. Some 66.7% of respondents made it clear that they had heard about PIX, but did not know how to use it.

The other 33.3% said they know and already use PIX in their transactions. In the survey, none of the respondents said they did not know PIX, another as it caught their attention.

In any case, for an economist heard by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará, it is up to the banks and the Central Bank to demystify the system. In other words, clearing up customer doubts and teaching how to use so-called private keys should be an ongoing process.

In a recent article by the Court of Auditors of MT, the author stated that „Cryptomoedas will have an advantage over Pix“. Still, Bacen struggles to make the national system win this dispute, even with issues such as privacy being increasingly highlighted.